Minecraft 1.8

Late last night they updated Minecraft pc to 1.8 from 1.7.10 .

They added new mobs new automatically generated structures 

New enchants and new food like mutton from sheep .

They also added a leap potion along with tons of new blocks .

They added new commands and an invisible wall called a barrier 

for adventure mode maps and also a new mode called 

“spectator mode” it allows you to float around and

be invisible like a ghost with a hidden GUI .

They added new crafting recipes for things such as spruce gates

jungle tree doors acacia fence gates and more .

They added banners for castles and armour stands

to show off your armour . 

They made slime blocks crafted from nine slime

they bounce you into the air like a trampoline .

They also added a new customize option 

to the world generator and a difficulty lock

to lock on a certain difficulty like always

peaceful or always hard .

You should check it out 🙂


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