The Destroyer


The Destroyer is a hardmode mechanical boss.

He has lazers, probes, and does a ton of melee damage.

To defeat him you’ll want to have the very OP Legendary Excalibur,

the Demon Scythe, and a good bow.

For accessories you’ll want a pair of wings, rocket boots, and hermes boots or

Spectre boots.

You’ll also want greater healing potions and a magic mirror.

Use the Demon Scythe to deal LOTS of magic damage when your mana runs

out use the bow if you had over 60 defense like I did towards the end you can

use the Legendary Excalibur (or the best sword you have)if get stuck in a hole or a in a corner or maybe have low health before your potions cool down use the magic mirror to teleport to spawn it may take some time to get it right but eventually you’ll defeat him.

Ps. A quick way to get to this blog is to search Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, or FireFox

I hope this helps 🙂


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