I have mostly been playing, Camelot and a little king of the golden monocle as for minecraft. I’m usually on the red team with at least one of my friends, lapras, sanjaykiller, m4lic, Lord_of_Unicorns, and jojos. I’m almost always one of the berserker classes and you can see my stats at .

Hope this helps 🙂


Pokemon Deluge RPG

Pokemon Deluge RPG is a pokemon fan game. you choose a starter from any generation and play!!!

You can evolve your pokemon, trade or battle with other users online, battla any gym or elite four trainer, and there are

special pokemon. Such as metalic, pokemon shadow pokemon, mirage pokemon, and more!!!

My username is Kemek78Mc and you can battle or trade with me when im online. But there is one more

special thing i want to tell you!!! You can mega evolve pokemon!!! Although to mega evolve you must be lvl100 but

you don’t need a mega stone.

hope this helps! 🙂

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire are currently the newest pokemon games available.
I have Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, my username is Kemek78, and i will help you by using this walkthrough.
First off, mudkip is the best starter for playing through the whole game, but Torchick and Treeko are also good pokemon.
After you choose your starter go up to route 103 and battle May/Brendan, she/he should be easy to defeat using mudkip
but you might also want another pokemon just in case.I recommend getting a poochyena and maybe a ralts once you get to route 102.It can learn teleport at lvl 9 which you can use to get back to the poke’ center to heal your pokemon.
Also, you can wait and not let it evolve into gardivior and get a stone from Wally and use it to evolve kirlia into gallade.
You will then got to Rustboro city it is easy to get there on your own so we will pick up in the next post at Rustboro city!!!
hope this helps! 🙂