Terraria 1.3 !!!


The Terraria 1.3 uptate is supposed to be here soon so ill show some spoilers and more!


Fist up the Meowmere is a new sword and everyone is going insane because they saw the 200 damage plus very fast speed. But it has been confimed that the Meowmere has been nerfed but still is very strong.


There is also a Shadowflame Hex Doll which is a magic weapon and has a homing ability.


The Lazer Machine Gun is also a magic weapon and is a direct upgrade from the Lazer Rifle.

All of the weapons here are endgame weapons and a very powerful.

There is much, much, more in the update that i will soon release in another post (if the update hasn’t occurred yet) so check every couple days!

Also, here is a link to ALOT of spoilers!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ltoW4LsGk

Hope this helps! 🙂