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Hope you had a good Merlefest if you made it and please leave a comment on your favorite band! I was there on Saturday and my favorite band I heard was We Banjo 3.


May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!


To celebrate I made all of Padme Amidala’s main outfits from “Attack of the Clones” for your terraria character!!!

DOWNLOAD Padme Amidala’s Wardrobe for Terraria<


To install a player first search “Terraria” in files. Open it then open “Players” and

copy-paste the “.plr” and “.plr.bak” files here. (NOT the entire .zip or file.)

Breaking Terraria 1 If I Had a Pickaxe…


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you had an endgame pickaxe where you first started Terraria? Well this is most likely what it would have been like. Hope you enjoy my latest series!