May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!


To celebrate I made all of Padme Amidala’s main outfits from “Attack of the Clones” for your terraria character!!!

DOWNLOAD Padme Amidala’s Wardrobe for Terraria<


To install a player first search “Terraria” in files. Open it then open “Players” and

copy-paste the “.plr” and “.plr.bak” files here. (NOT the entire .zip or file.)


Breaking Terraria 1 If I Had a Pickaxe…


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you had an endgame pickaxe where you first started Terraria? Well this is most likely what it would have been like. Hope you enjoy my latest series!

Terraria 1.3 !!!


The Terraria 1.3 uptate is supposed to be here soon so ill show some spoilers and more!


Fist up the Meowmere is a new sword and everyone is going insane because they saw the 200 damage plus very fast speed. But it has been confimed that the Meowmere has been nerfed but still is very strong.


There is also a Shadowflame Hex Doll which is a magic weapon and has a homing ability.


The Lazer Machine Gun is also a magic weapon and is a direct upgrade from the Lazer Rifle.

All of the weapons here are endgame weapons and a very powerful.

There is much, much, more in the update that i will soon release in another post (if the update hasn’t occurred yet) so check every couple days!

Also, here is a link to ALOT of spoilers!

Hope this helps! 🙂

The Destroyer


The Destroyer is a hardmode mechanical boss.

He has lazers, probes, and does a ton of melee damage.

To defeat him you’ll want to have the very OP Legendary Excalibur,

the Demon Scythe, and a good bow.

For accessories you’ll want a pair of wings, rocket boots, and hermes boots or

Spectre boots.

You’ll also want greater healing potions and a magic mirror.

Use the Demon Scythe to deal LOTS of magic damage when your mana runs

out use the bow if you had over 60 defense like I did towards the end you can

use the Legendary Excalibur (or the best sword you have)if get stuck in a hole or a in a corner or maybe have low health before your potions cool down use the magic mirror to teleport to spawn it may take some time to get it right but eventually you’ll defeat him.

Ps. A quick way to get to this blog is to search Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, or FireFox

I hope this helps 🙂

Skeletron Prime


The Wall of Flesh is very strong but Skeletron Prime is stronger still !!!

To defeat him you’ll want to think like a Paladin, try to get the most defense possible.

With a great bow at least cobalt, a demon scythe and max mana, and an amazing sword I use the Muramasa and Night’s Edge but Excalibur would do.

Try ranged attacks till later into the battle,then use a quick and powerful sword.

Also use healing potions or greater healing potions if available.

To get a better chance of winning stay near spawn and try teleporting when in danger.
Hope this helps 🙂

The Wall of Flesh


The Wall of Flesh is much much stronger than Skeletron.

You’ll want to use a very strong bow or the demon scythe.

With some healing potions.

Try to stay far away from the WoF and The Hungry (his guards) while attacking.

You’ll also want the rocket or spectre boots and/or some wings.

It will take many tries but eventually you’ll defeat him.

Hope this helps 🙂

Defeating Skeletron


In the game of Terraria one of the main bosses is Skeletron.

When defeating Skeletron I used silver armor, gold sword, demon bow,

war axe of the night, a few lesser healing potions, and had about ten hearts.

He was fairly easy to defeat after some practice.

I’d recommend killing the Eye of Cthulhu a few times first.

Maby even Eater of Worlds too.

Make demon weapons and maby ever some armor.

Try going outside/on top of the castle to get a nice open area to fight.

Also try using mostly your bow until a spin attack, then use a fast melee weapon.

Hope this helps 🙂